Minutes from February 2023 meeting

Minutes from February 2023 meeting

Pacific Northwest Recumbent Cyclists Zoom meeting was held Wednesday February 15, 2023

Attendees were Edna Van Gundy, Dave Van Gundy, Riki Cavanaugh, Paul Heijn, Bob Parker (Bellingham), Jeff Wills, Barbara Kilts, Keith Caravelli, Randy Allen, Lonnie Morse, Ed from Ohio and Mike Flewelling (Mike, we are sorry you were having trouble connecting).

Edna has been trying to track down people to talk about our club making a donation of a park bench in honor of members who have passed. Many phone calls and online trying to get the person who has the answers. Discussion about just making it a “generic plaque honor” versus trying to list names and possibly missing someone in the future. (Update: on Feb 23rd, Edna received an email back from Oregon State Parks with a couple phone numbers to contact, yay!)

Edna and the board are still trying to figure out which company to use to provide merchandise for the Recumbent Retreat. Discussion about charging above the price listed in the company because we don’t need the money, so a discussion was had about donating the profits to a non-profit that loves bikes like we do. One suggestion was the group that is putting together or updating hiker/biker campsites along the Oregon Coast. The officers will get together this month to decide which company to use and what products to offer.

There was a discussion to give a donation from the treasury to Sylvia Halpern to help fund her ride across the US, as she is a local rider who is an ambassador and has helped spread the love of riding a recumbent around the world. Currently planning a 9,000 mile journey starting next month.

Rides coming up around the area: Register via their websites:

Spokumbent Retreat July 20 to July 24 over in Spokane

Thru the OR bike (orbike.com) has scheduled:

Worst Day of the Year Ride March 19th

Petal Pedal June 10th

Hood and Back July 15th

Harvest Century Sept 3rd

Salem Bicycle Club (salembicycleclub.org)

Monster Cookie Metric Century May 7th

Seattle’s Cascade Bicycle Club (cascade.org)

Seattle to Portland ride July 15-16th

Portland Bicycling Club (portlandbicyclingclub.com)

Has lots of rides scheduled (almost daily) that list mileage, speed and pace and terrain

Sunday Parkways (https://www.portland.gov/sunday-parkways/2023)

May 7th East Portland

June 25th NE Cully

Sept 10th SW Portland

And Edna has been checking out (and recommends) some websites online (also Facebook pages):

The Facebook page for Portland District, US Army Corp of Engineers is both interesting and very funny. Also, The Oregon Dept of Transportation, with updates on construction and road closures. Check out those sites,



Riki talked about the article on the Columbia Gorge’s trails that was listed in the Rails-Trails magazine.

Edna announced that Pat has retired, and sold TerraCycle to two of his long-time employees.

Ed from Ohio talked about some of the riding trails back in his area.

Respectfully submitted,

Riki Cavanaugh.

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