PNW Recumbents July 2022 Meeting Minutes

Minutes from PNW Recumbents July 2022 meeting

Pacific Northwest Recumbent Cyclists Hybrid meeting was held Wednesday July 20, 2022

Attendees in person Paul, Bev, Lonnie, Edna, Dave, Barbara, Chuck and Riki, at Edna’s house and Sylvia in Minnesota, Bob Parker, Greg Merkley, Keith Kohan, Randy Anderson and Keith Caravelli on Zoom.

Recumbent Retreat:

Paul says that the campsites that we booked are all full, with a few folks on the wait list.

Date needs to be set to go down to Ft. Stevens to start to put together the treasure map.

Dave will be in charge of the fire on Friday night.

Keith showed off the new hats. We will charge $25 each.

Potluck is still being planned for Saturday night. When the club trailer is down at the site on Tues, we will go though to see what plates and stuff need to be bought and will shop down there.

LOGO: Lonnie and Alex along with Edna will get it together.

New Business: Lonnie talked about being down at the finish when participants of the STP Seattle to Portland event came into Portland. He was there on Sat for those who do it in one day, and there on Sun for those who enjoy the two day ride. There were several recumbents, both bikes and trikes. Several club members have done it in the past, and Lonnie was thinking of how it could be set up so that people with e-assist could do the ride, adding a SAG wagon for things that might be needed or to pick up people who decided that it was fun trip but their finish line was before Portland.

Coming up rides:

July 23rd Cemetery and Terwilliger Ride. 7 attended including Scott Penwell visiting Portland from the Seattle area. Nice weather, great company, really good berry bushes that made Riki’s day much better.

July 31st Buxton to Vernonia ride, meeting at Buxton at 10am

Sept 4th is the Kirke Johnson/Marilyn Hayward Memorial Banks-Vernonia Labor Day ride.

Respectfully submitted, Riki Cavanaugh

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