Minutes of February 2022 Zoom meeting

Minutes from February 2022 meeting

Pacific Northwest Recumbent Cyclists ZOOM meeting was held Wednesday February 16, 2022.

Attendees in person and on ZOOM were, Paul, Riki, Lonnie, Sylvia, Greg M, Edna and Dave from Tucson, Bob Parker (Bellingham), Barbara.


Recumbent Retreat: Paul will get the sites on March 8th. He will get 40 sites. If you are getting your own site, please let him know which ones you got, so that he will avoid those. Registration will probably open up the 2nd week of March.

Paul gave information on the installation of solar on his trailer.

Lonnie gave a report on the bike trails up around the Columbia River (Marine Drive Bike Path) which aren’t great due to the people camping on them. Discussion on other trails around the area (I-205, Springwater, etc) including Vancouver. Report given on the tunnel work being done along the MUP path up by Cascade Locks. When weather improves, we would like Jeff Wills to lead a ride or two on the trails on the Vancouver side (Burnt Bridge, etc).

LOGO – Lonnie has talked with C. Michael Lewis and we need to find a font to match our logo. Meeting attendees have homework to copy or take pics of logos they like the looks of, and send to Lonnie via email, text, message, etc. When that is decided on, then we can move forward. Will show PNWRecumbents with trike and Faired Long-Wheel Base bike (eg: Easy Racer).

Website seems to be running smoother, discussion on if we need it and what it might be replaced by.

Repectfully submitted,

Riki Cavanaugh

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