Minutes from December 2021 meeting and elections.

Minutes For the December 2021 Pacific Northwest Recumbent Cyclists and ZOOM Holiday (Christmas) party/meeting held Wednesday December 15, 2021.

Attendees were:  (both in person and via ZOOM) Paul and Bev, Riki, Lonnie, Sylvia, Bob Parker (from Bellingham), Dave and Edna (from Tucson), Ron Richings (from Vancouver, BC), Chris and Ginny (with Santa hat and antlers) Achterman, Keith Kohan (from Salem), Barbara, Jeff, and Santa (aka Bruce Parker). Patty was present for a short period of time.  

Meeting began with general socialization (visiting) and catching up with each of our doings/activities. 

Edna has been in contact with HOSTPAPA via email, chat and telephone working on a solution to the website issues.  It appears most of the problems have been corrected. “THEY” would tell Edna she needs to do various things to make changes and she would say “How do we do that?  “THEY” would then say hold on a minute. When they returned, they would say “We took care of it for you”. Please let us know if you find any problems/issues with our website.

Recumbent Retreat:  Nothing new. Wagon Master (Paul/Bev) will make the campsite reservations in March (6 months in advance) for 4 nights (Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun).  If individuals are making independent reservations prior to the event (Tues/Wed) please keep us informed.

Business Cards: Lonnie mentioned he had a light bulb moment.  He remembered the individual (Mike Lewis) who will understand our needs, Mike previously made posters for our racing events at PIR. Lonnie will contact him.

Edna commented she received an email that ZOOM is facing a class action settlement because of privacy and security issues from 3/30/2016 thru 7/30/2021. If individuals have questions, more info can be found at the following website. Claims can be filed to receive $15 or $25 if forms are filled out and submitted by March 5, 2022. https://www.zoommeetingsclassaction.com/

Elections were held – the new board members are:
	President			Edna Van Gundy
	Co-Vice President 	        Lonnie Morse
	Co-Vice President		Jeff Wills
	Treasurer			Keith Kohan
	Secretary			Riki Heijn Cavanaugh

Meeting ended with various ride reports and SEASONS GREETINGS

Thank your for allowing me to submit semi-accurate monthly reports.  
It is now time for me to pass the “tablet” to Riki. 

Dave VG

Tucson, Dec 28, 2021, temp 61, sunshine.

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