Minutes from August 18, 2021 Club Meeting

Minutes of The August 2021 meeting of the Pacific NW Recumbent Cyclists. Meeting was hosted by Lonnie Morse (with a very nice assortment of snacks). In person attendees were: Lonnie, Jeff, Edna, Patti, Sylvia, Barbara and Chuck. Attending via ZOOM were: Paul, Keith Kohan and Karaveli, Randy, Greg, Ron Richings, and Bob Parker. The meeting start was delayed due to “TECHNICAL” difficulties in setting up zoom.

THE Recumbent Retreat (RR). 2 sites are available because of cancellations. Will be 1 additional site available if Greg Merkley cannot cross the border and join us. Keith Kohan has already picked up the Club Trailer and will bring to the Retreat. (NOTE: we have some well seasoned firewood in the trailer). Keith has checked on the hats – 24 are available, hopefully the supplier can provide us with the balance before the Retreat. Flags and “tassles” are in progress and almost done.

Treasure Hunt maps are in process. Diane, Barb, Sylvia and Lonnie joined Dave and Edna at Ft Stevens on Monday the 16th to scout locations. We have the stamps and containers.

We will post a “schedule of events” to the website and in a separate e-mail within the next few days. Still looking for a ride reader for the Lighted Bike Parade.

NOTE: Hopefully all who attend are vaccinated. Masks are optional.

It has been decided we will NOT do POTLUCK on Saturday night. Each “family” may separately prepare their individual meal and join us in the Group Site for group “eating” and announcements. We can still gather at the Group Site prior to the Lighted Bike/Trike Parade.

We plan to have the “normal” MEET and GREET Friday with the campfire in the Group Site (if fires are allowed), maybe S’mores?

Feel free to bring/donate new/slightly used (good condition) items for the prize table. Will also have the free table for items that others might find useful but not “new” enough for prize table.

LOGO as designed was presented. It is still a “work in progress” Slight tweaks are desired. Sylvia was not able to manipulate. Jacquie is still trying.


Gorge Ride is August 28th https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gorge-ride-2021-tickets-148657985035

Also the 28th is Petal Pedal https://petalpedal.com/

Monster Cookie is August 29 https://www.salembicycleclub.org/content.plx?page=majrides

Sep 5th is the UMPTEENTH annual Kirke Johnson/Marilyn Hayward Banks-Vernonia Memorial Ride. This will leave the Banks High School at 9:30. Approx 44 miles total.

Interest was expressed in Ride the Rim (Crater Lake) Sep 11th & 18th. Registration is free (suggested $10.00 donation. (Be sure to check the weather. It has snowed there in Sept- Editor Comment). https://ridetherimoregon.com/

Mentioned was Timber Park-Faraday Day Dam ride in Estacada to see the salmon run in the fish ladder. Tentative ride date is Sept 26th.

The Big American Bike Ride https://www.bigamericanbikeride.com/ was mentioned. There is continued interest.

It was mentioned that the “Hey Dave Rides” and other club rides should include distance, speed, type of ride. We will try to do that for each ride. Remind us if we forget.


Dave VG

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