July 2021 meeting minutes

July 2021 minutes of the Pacific NW Recumbent Cyclists Meeting was in person and via ZOOM, was hosted by Sylvia. Thanks for your hospitality.

Those physically present were Jeff and Diane, Jacquie and Diana, Chuck and Barb, Patty and Luna, Riki, Lonnie, Edna and I. Guests via Zoom were Keith Kohan, Keith Caravelli, Bob Parker, Ron Riching, and Greg Merkley. Zoomies please advise good, bad or otherwise.

Per normal, socialization and visiting were in order. Nice to be able to do so in person.

BUSINESS: Primarily, THE Recumbent Retreat (RR). Only 1 site is available (since Wed we have a taker, no sites left). The reason this was available is because Bill Spinner canceled due to a cancer diagnosis/treatment and does not believe he will be up to riding or visiting.

Treasure Hunt map will be arranged by Patty, Barb, Diane, and Sylvia. “THEY” will make a scouting trip to Ft Stevens to determine locations and take pictures. Probably use a “phrase/code word” for each location to minimize physical contact.

We will post a tentative “schedule of events” to the website to include the hours of registration. RR Will have various rides, Sunset Ride Friday, Breakfast Ride Saturday morning, Group Photo shoot, various rides Saturday afternoon, etc. Some will have ride leaders, some will be self-led but using maps. Some of the more popular rides may be broken down into multiple groups as they have been getting too large to manage well.

It has been decided we will not do POTLUCK on Saturday night. Each “family” may separately prepare their individual meal and join us in the Group Site for group “eating” and announcements. We can still gather at the Group Site prior to the Lighted Bike/Trike Parade.

We plan to have the “normal MEET and GREET Friday with the campfire in the Group Site (if fires are allowed), maybe S’mores?

Keith Kohan will deliver the Club Trailer to Ft Stevens, Lonnie will check on hat status. Edna will check on flags. Prize table for the Treasure Hunt as normal. (Feel free to bring/donate new/slightly used (good condition) items. Will also have the free table for items that others might find useful but not “new” enough for prize table.

That pretty much takes care of the RETREAT business.

LOGO as designed was presented. Consensus was it needs slight modifications; i.e. mountain, helmets too big and bikes too small. We have the file in a JPEG and other formats, and Sylvia (and maybe also Jacquie) will see if she can manipulate to get closer to what we want.

Various upcoming bike rides: Saturday July 24 is RACC (Ride around Clark County) https://vbc-usa.com/content.aspx?page_id=22&club_id=851488&module_id=243613

West-End Bike Shop is doing a group shop ride also on Saturday – geared towards newer riders, slower, no drop, shorter distance. https://www.facebook.com/WestEndBikesPDX/

Sunday July 25, our club is doing a 35-ish mile loop ride from Park Ave Max Station (10am) to St Johns Bridge and back. A few riders will do the same start but a shorter & flatter version, crossing the Steel Bridge and working their way back along the West side of the river – about 15-ish miles.

Future rides are again being scheduled, including Bridge Pedal on August 8, https://www.providence.org/lp/bridge-pedal?fbclid=IwAR3ZKiWXvXCW07i3VN_vT3GfczJLC-kUbZ6rbqS8PR_cr38iM9yTiRTeznM and Monster Cookie on August 29 https://www.salembicycleclub.org/content.plx?page=majrides . Ride the Rim is scheduled for Sept 11th and 18th. Registration is free (suggested $10.00 donation. (https://ridetherimoregon.com/

The Big American Bike Ride (https://www.bigamericanbikeride.com/) was mentioned. This event will occur in 2023 so we have time to plan and get ready. This will be similar to the Bikecentennial ‘76. People were EXCITED!!! Riki volunteered to do SAG and Keith Kohan volunteered his trailer. Sounds like plans are in the works 🙂 For more info, click the link provided above and sign up for their newsletter.


Dave VG

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