Minutes for June 23, 2021 club meeting

June 2021 minutes of the Pacific NW Recumbent Cyclists

The meeting was hosted by Edna via ZOOM, attending were Greg Merkley (aka Cranky), Jeff Wills, Barbara Kilts, Paul Heijn (briefly during axe competition), Lonnie Morse, Riki Cavanaugh, Sylvia Halpern, Bob Parker, and Patty Osborne.

Per normal, before the meeting began, socialization and visiting were in order. Nice to catch up on what people are doing.

BUSINESS: Primarily, THE Recumbent Retreat (RR). Only 5 or 6 sites remain available. Treasure Hunt map will be arranged by Patty, Barb and Sylvia. Probably use a “phrase/code word” for each location to minimize physical contact.

RR Will have various rides, Sunset Ride Friday, Breakfast Ride Saturday morning, Group Photo shoot, various rides Saturday afternoon, etc. Some will have ride leaders, some will be self-led but using maps.

Will have the “normal MEET and GREET Friday with the campfire in the Group Site (if fires are allowed), maybe S’mores?

POTLUCK, maybe/maybe not. Might not be formal. Each “family” separately prepare their individual meal and join us in the Group Site for announcements and socialization. Final decision to be made closer to event.

Prize table for the Treasure Hunt as normal. (Feel free to bring/donate new/slightly used (good condition) items. Will also have the free table for items that others might find useful but not “new” enough for prize table.

Edna will contact the computer server people to assist in getting the domain changed/updated.

LOGO is close to being resolved. YEH!!

Lighted bike parade was on June 25th met at Wilshire Park, 4 recumbents attended. This is a part of Pedalpoolza. The ride host (The Light Brigade) will be doing more of these rides in July and August. Watch for the “event” posting for details.

As a group, decision was reached to meet IN PERSON for the July meeting!! We will still have a zoom connection for those unable to attend or uncomfortable with meeting in person. Sylvia volunteered to host. Address will be included in the Event Meeting Invite.

Submitted, Dave VG

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