January 2021 Minutes

Minutes of the JANUARY 2021 Pacific Northwest Recumbent Cyclists meeting. In attendance were Riki, Barb, Keith, Lonnie, Bev, Paul, Marcella, Greg, Sylvia, Jeff, Randall, Ron Richings, Edna and yours truly. Meeting began a few minutes late because EDNA had to move from our trailer to the “Clubhouse” for better Wi-Fi, we kept losing connection and sound.

The first few minutes were spent with general conversation and visiting (catching up with each other). Topics included the stolen front bumper from Randall’s truck – Randall stated the replacement bumper will be tack welded so it cannot easily be removed. Lonnie mentioned his son (Rick) having a heart attack a couple weeks ago (Rick is recovering nicely). Lonnie also mentioned that Ian (from Richland) had a bike accident approximately a year ago. Ian had to go back for a hip replacement and is now in re-hab.

On to general CLUB business: Recumbent Retreat: (RR) Oregon State Parks have recently opened reservations to 6 months in advance. Tentative date for the 2021 RR (if it happens) is Sept 9, 10, 11, and 12 (the weekend following Labor Day). It is still too early to tell if we can reserve multiple sites and if the “Park” will allow a “Group Site”. May be like last year as a “un-official” Retreat with everyone making their own reservations. “WE” will pursue and possibly make decisions in February.

Discussion was held whether to allow “sales” on the PNWR Facebook page. After talking, it was decided YES for people in our local area, primarily for bikes. We do not want to create a monster and be spammed with non-bike related items.

Paul mentioned that in the cleaning up of back rooms at RecumbentPdx, a number of seat pads (primarily for Rans and Bacchetta) are available. Paul has passed these to Lonnie – contact Lonnie if interested.

Edna mentioned that Tri-Met had an online bike survey regarding the ease or difficulty on using their system – might be good to get in some comments about recumbents; also that Bruce Parker had previously asked us to respond to a survey on the Molalla River Corridor Trail. Speaking of trails, Cycle Oregon has donated $100,000 toward the Salmonberry Trail. (Hopefully it will be done in our lifetime).

ODOT is seeking funding for replacement of the stairs on the Old Columbia River Highway. They will finish other parts of the Trail first, but the stairs are in the works. The demo we did at the opening of the new section last year was noticed.

Lonnie mentioned the John B. Yeon Trailhead is being enlarged. This Trailhead is used by both hikers and bikes. Should improve parking.

Lonnie also mentioned that he has been working on decals (and business card design). Not much success in getting responses from vendors, he learned most use clip art but we want to use fine line design. After trying several, with poor results, he has purchased an “Art Pad” and will attempt his own rendering.

LAST, (but certainly not least) was the election of officers. Because we did not have a meeting in December, at the annual Holiday Party (that didn’t happen), elections were held via Zoom at tonight’s meeting. The cast is almost the same with an additional position created. Because Wagon-master is such an integral part of the club functions, it was added to the Board.

President: Edna Van Gundy

Co-Vice President: Jeff Wills

Co-Vice President: Lonnie Morse

Treasurer: Keith Kohan

Secretary: Dave Van Gundy

WAGONMASTER (new position) Paul & Bev Heijn

Thank y’all for joining in….someday we may again be able to get together in person!

Dave VG, Secy

PS: this is a whole lot harder to type on a laptop than a regular keyboard/PC!!!

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