November 2020 Meeting Minutes

November Pacific NW Recumbent Cyclists meeting began promptly at 7:05 PM. The meeting was hosted by Edna via ZOOM, attending were Greg Merkley, Al Pierce, Keith Kohan, Ron Riching, Jeff Wills, Barbara Kilts, Paul and Bev Heijn, Lonnie Morse, Randall Allen, Dave Van Gundy and Bruce Parker (with a brief appearance of Kathy and Grandchild).

BUSINESS: “WE” began with a presentation by Lonnie of two possible designs for the new club logo. After discussion (and voting) it was decided to go with #2 design/layout. Lonnie will contact/talk to a couple different companies to get a “FINAL” for review and approval. We are making progress.

Edna will contact the server people to assist in getting the domain changed/updated.

Keith Kohan gave a Treasurer report. After all was said and done, (refunds, cancellations, expenses) the Recumbent Retreat ended up being only a $1.00 in the negative. This was in part due to the generosity and understanding of the participants. We will make a post on the website and on Facebook thanking everyone for their understanding and in appreciation of their support. Paul Heijn offered to make up the $1.00 difference. We “footballed” (kicked around) next years Recumbent Retreat. Nothing can be done until the Park System decides what will be open and when. As of now, reservations can only be made one month in advance (we used to reserve 9 months in advance). Several options were talked about: people making individual reservations and having a CENTRAL (group but not call it “that”) site. Maybe a different campground? At the present time, we will play it by ear and explore other possibilities. WE ARE IN WAIT MODE!

RIDE REPORT: Bruce Parker has been riding the streets and bike paths in San Diego while they visit family. He forces himself to go out and ride in 62’F temperature. Bruce said the riding along the paths and beaches is excellent.

It was mentioned that Jeff Wills was in the article on BikePortland.Org post regarding the I-205 bike path clean-up by the Vancouver Bike Club. Discussed whether we as a CLUB would like to adopt a section of Trail and keep the vines from encroaching on the path, etc. Randall stated that Springwater is getting very congested with “campers”… Edna asked folks to watch as they do rides, and let us know of any areas/stretches we might like to “adopt” in the future.

Upcoming Ride: Randall mentioned he is meeting two people at I-205 & Springwater at 10AM Saturday Nov 21. They will ride to Sellwood, across to Westside, Willamette Park, to Front, Steel Bridge and back to Gresham, with a lunch stop in there somewhere (might be good to bring your own lunch?). Supposed to be a dry day. All are welcome to join him.

Meeting ended at 8pm.

Any errors/misunderstanding/omissions are the result of the Secretary.

Dave VG

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