October 2020 Minutes

The October meeting began with a “slight” problem. The Host (Edna) remembered at 7:15 that it started at 7 (not 7:30) so it didn’t begin on time. Then Edna had difficulty getting ZOOM to work on our end (microphone) so turned the hosting over to Jacquie so Edna could log out and then back in. Not a big deal. Apologies to those who had to wait or missed the meeting.

Present: Greg Merkley, Lonnie Morse, Paul & Bev Heijn, Riki Cavanaugh, Barbara Kilts, Jeff Wills, Bill Kress, Bruce Parker, and Dave and Edna Van Gundy. Sylvia Halpern made a late appearance.

1st item of business was the Recumbent Retreat. Presently, sites cannot be reserved for next year (limited to approx 30 days in advance). We will “pay attention” and if reservations open, proceed.Also, discussed was the possibility of moving the “GROUP SITE” to Loop E. It was decided “WE” would make a road trip, evaluate and make a decision. Edna suggested a Recumbent related mouse pad (or other items – we choose photos for it) from ShutterFly for a giveaway at the retreat.

2nd Item. The new “LOGO”. Lonnie will continue the process including contacting several people to determine time involved, special requirements, etc. We like the idea of an oval design similar to the old logo, to use for a sticker.

We confirmed the Christmas/Holiday Party this year will be held via ZOOM on Wednesday, December 16th, at the normal time as our meeting 7:00pm. We will have the election of officers. Edna suggested one or more door prizes for those in attendance, in lieu of our gift exchange.

Jeff Wills mentioned last month, that he obtained donated tickets for the Air & Car Museum in Hood River. The “raffle” was held and the lucky winner of four tickets was Barbara Kilts, Barbara graciously accepted then offered two tickets to the “runner up” who was Patty Osbourne.

That pretty much summarized the official meeting. We then began to “socialize”.

Mentioned was Todd Marley has moved to Osburn, Idaho. Arrived on the 21st and was greeted with snow.

Sylvia posted a ride on the 22nd, from the West Trailhead of the Historic Columbia River Highway, at Hood River on to Mosier.

Jeff has posted (on a Facebook group Walking and Bowling Adventures) a walk on Sunday the 25th, meeting at 9:00am at the Chrystal Springs Rhododendron Test Garden. Anyone is welcome to join us. Temp should be cold so dress warm.

Hopefully I got it mostly correct!

Respectfully submitted,

Dave Van Gundy


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