September 2020 Minutes

“WE” again held the September meeting via zoom. Present were: Greg Merkley, Lonnie Morse, Paul & Bev Heijn, Riki Cavanaugh, Ron Richings, Barbara Kilts, and attending late were Jeff and Diane Wills. Edna hosted the meeting.

The first item of business was discussion of a new “LOGO”, to be able to use for business cards and decals. We looked at the “rough” samples by Lonnie and Dave. People liked Lonnies’s design with addition of a minimal Portland Skyline offset in the background. We also looked at the design Kit brought down to the NON-Retreat. Kit’s design is ok, however it felt too large and “busy”. We seem to be leaning towards something simpler.

Lonnie will get together with Sylvia (via phone) and talk about other various changes to incorporate into the logo. Lonnie will contact a Graphic Designer to assist in making a quality design for approval.

We discussed the decal size desired. Possibly some large (like for the back of a vehicle), and some smaller for a car window or fairing. Riki came up with the name of a site and various prices, I think. Also, Kit has been working with a site that may also be good for us to contact.

It was decided the Christmas/Holiday Party this year will be held via ZOOM on Wednesday, December 16th. We will have the election of officers but no potluck or gift exchange. A vote by show of hands confirmed this.

The NON-Recumbent Retreat was sort of held at Fort Stevens. A very few folks decided to attend even though we were not having the “NORMAL” event. Somewhat smoky (but not as bad as Portland); no campfires allowed; socialization in small groups. Only a couple “semi-organized” rides; one to Sunset at the Peter Iredale (we missed it) and a few of us went to the Discovery Trail at Ilwaco. Can’t miss the opportunity to poke a little fun at Kathy Boley for forgetting her battery (Sylvia had a spare that fit – is that lucky or what?

Jeff Wills mentioned he obtained donated tickets for the Air & Car Museum in Hood River. These were to be a prize for the raffle table. Jeff will have a “contest” to determine the lucky recipient. Watch Facebook (and the website) for details soon.

Then Jeff asked “Dave, where are we riding Sunday?” Dave replied that he was going to ride his Birthday ride on Sunday, route to be determined. And some others are going out of town for the weekend, so folks will have to do their own rides 🙂

Respectfully submitted

Dave Van Gundy


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