June 2020 meeting Minutes

Minutes from the June 2020 PNW Recumbent Cyclists meeting. Again a virtual meeting held on ZOOM. “Present” by video were Lonnie Morse, Mike Porter, Jeff and Diane Wills, Paul and Bev Heijn, Serenity and Marcella (sorry, missed your last names?), Patty Osborne, Bill Bates, Barbara and Chuck Kilts, Out of town members and guests; Keith Kohan, Keith Caravelli, Greg Merkley and Ron Riching.

Primary Topic was the RECUMBENT RETREAT with the following areas of discussion:

Per Paul, 14 sites are still available.

Edna stated that Todd can’t do the Treasure Hunt. Talked about putting out the boxes and maps, Patty Osborne volunteered Barb and herself to do this project.

Keith Kohan will bring the “CLUB” trailer to the Retreat.

Lonnie will contact Kurt regarding time frame for ordering hats. Edna will work with Pat @ T-Cycle regarding Flags and Tassels (Mid July order time frame).

We discussed the “REFUND” policy. It was suggested to make a carry over list for next year (for people who prefer). The general opinion was not knowing the status of State Park fees for next year and the “hassle” of keeping track of who paid how much, how much additional they might owe, etc, so decided we will refund for cancellations (less sign-me-up admin fee).

At the present time, we are still planning on having the Retreat. Clatsop County will be in “Phase 2” of the Pandemic until a vaccine is available; that means outside groups are limited to 100 people. This will also require us to make changes in the POTLUCK and PHOTO shoot and RIDES. We will probably cancel the potluck, as the sharing of food and utensils is not recommended. We can have a group dinner, with people providing their own dinners, and continue with “social distancing”. Masks are encouraged (editorial comment) when riding. Fine-tuning to happen as we get closer to the event.

Lonnie gave two ride reports:

#1, He was clipped and flipped, while riding his gravel trike. Minimum damage to himself and the trike. Just wanted to emphasize safety, visibility, and being defensive, along with a reminder to keep your windshields clean on the interior.

#2, He gave a report on his unplanned almost-Century. He and Paul met and rode Springwater out to Jazzy Bagel in Gresham. Paul had things to do so he returned to home. Lonnie said “looks like a nice day for Vista House” so continued, got to Women’s Forum, (road closed to Crown Point/Vista House), returned to Troutdale for some lunch at the “General Store”, (still having fun) went on into I-205 Bridge to Washington, crossed over to Hwy 14 (or someplace) back to I-5, back cross the Columbia to Kelly Point Park. Saw threatening clouds so beat tracks for home … only slightly rained upon.

On June 28th, Lonnie will do an interview with LAID BACK REPORTS Gary Solomon with the history, formation and the transition of our club from racing/building to touring/recreational riding. (I missed part of this discussion because of a computer malfunction …..SOMEBODY FILL IN THE GAPS, please ….

That pretty much covers everything

… as they said on Hill Street Blues “Let’s be careful out there”.

Dave Van Gundy, Secretary.

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