May 2020 Minutes

Minutes PNW Recumbent Cyclists Meeting held 5/20/2020

It was a Grand and Glorious meeting hosted on ZOOM by Jacquie. Present, but socially distancing, were Edna, Mike Porter, Paul & Bev, Keith, Barb & Chuck, Jeff & Diane, Randy, Bruce, Lonnie, yours truly and out of town visitors Greg Merkley, Ron Richings, Mark Mueller, and Kathy and Paul Boley. It was nice to see all the new and familiar faces.

The meeting was led (as much as this group can be led) by Edna. “WE” began with a discussion (comments) on all the events that have been canceled, i.e. TOT, TrikeFest, STP, all Cascade Bike Club events, Cycle Oregon, Bicycle Rides Northwest & Bridge Pedal. Petal Pedal has rescheduled for Aug 22, 2020 (but you can get a full refund if you want), Tour de Blast possible on Sep 12, 2020 or will be June 2021, Reach the Beach has been rescheduled for Oct 11, 2020. A number of other Oregon And Washington Bike club rides (eg: Blackberry Bramble, Covered Bridge Ride, etc) still show on for late July or during August or September, but with notes about possible future postponements or cancellations.

Recumbent Retreat: We have 31 sites sold. Discussion was held regarding if we would have the event. It depends on the Oregon State Parks. Decision will be made in Mid-to-late-July, If camping is open WE GO….

We also talked about merchandise. We decided on 12 Flags with Recumbent Retreat on them (this got a “thumbs-Up” from the Zoom pictures). We talked about “tassels with RR 2020 for the registered participants: (not sure if free or a nominal fee). We are trying not to have a lot left over. Started discussion about ordering hats but got side-tracked and didn’t get back to it, so decision to be made by next meeting. Barb will look at getting “license/name plates” made. These increase the socialization aspect.

Mentioned was a Row River Trail ride/camp out in late July. Again depends on the park availability.

Randy stated he is riding Springwater Corridor quite often.

Banks-Vernonia Trail is open during specific hours. Copied from Oregon State Parks website: COVID-19 UPDATE: The trail and trailheads are open 7 am – 5 pm for limited daytime use. Restrooms are open 9 am – 5 pm. No trails connecting to Stub Stewart are open. Be prepared to turn around if crowded. Bring your own water, food and hand sanitizer. Do not travel far to visit. Facilities may close without notice.

Jacquie inquired where an individual could buy a used trike (request from a friend of hers). Mentioned was Facebook and Bentrider-on-line classifieds and Craig’sList. Difficult to make a determination of what an individual wants not knowing the kind of riding they want to do.

Lonnie talked about and showed a picture of a former U-2 pilot (Captain John Zermer) with maybe the first body-socked Easy Racers bike in Portland, maybe early ‘90’s?

Sec Note: Seems like everyone is enjoying the social aspect of the meeting since we can’t get together and ride.

Submitted,Dave VG

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