January 2020 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of OHPV meeting on January 15th, 2020, held at RecumbentPdx and hosted by Paul Heijn. The usual crowd with a newbie (Nancie) and Kit from the “Seattle Area” (?). Meeting began a little late (as if anyone was keeping track) because people (men) were looking at (discussing) trikes.

Edna gave a report on Bill Phillips. Bill had two minor strokes (and a brain bleed) in early December. Monday (January 13th) was his first day back at work. He is doing much better though sometimes his vocabulary filter doesn’t work. We wish him the BEST!!!

51 Sites have been reserved for the 2020 Recumbent Retreat (dates Sept 10/11/12/13). The extra site that Mike and Jodi had, has been turned back in and will be reserved by the “Club”. It was discussed when to get “Sign-me-up” running and when to open registration (hopefully by end of January). Also mentioned was what merchandise do we want for next year. Decision will be made at the next meeting.

NAME CHANGE ADDENDUM. After looking at all the acronyms for NWRC (and websites, etc), there were so many, so we have decided to add PACIFIC to the name. New name is PACIFIC NORTHWEST RECUMBENT CYCLISTS (PNWRC). Website updates to follow.

Chuck reported that the new Bridge over Johnson Creek Blvd is open and no more of the old wooden bone-shaking boards.

Upcoming events:This Saturday (Jan 18th) Bike Tires Direct is having a warehouse sale from 10 AM to 5PM at 5741 NE 87th Ave.

Cycle Oregon Kick-off party is Jan 29th at theLoft, 8th Avenue // 2010 SE 8th Ave. Doors open 6 p.m. // Route Announcements 7 p.m. This annual Kickoff Party is a free event. If you are thinking of riding and sign up before the kick-off, you get last years price.

Feb 7th is the Lighted Bike Ride held in conjunction with the Portland Winter Light Festival. Those on recumbents that want to ride with us (decorated or not), will meet at Oaks Bottom/Springwater Trail Head (at SE 4th & SE Ivon St) at 6:30-ish(?). Some of us may go, weather is the determining factor. The organized ride (which happens no matter the weather) meets in front of OMSI at 7pm with ride start at 7:30pm.

TARTAR, Trikes and Recumbents On The American River, is April 10,11,12 in/near Sacramento, last year’s info here: https://www.bentrideronline.com/messageboard/showthread.php?t=144734

Mel from RecumbentPdx has said this years TRIKE FEST will be held June 20th; the Saturday after TOT, at Portland Community College again, but with better signage.

Discussion:- – several topics.Do we want to host a“class/instruction” on ??? at an upcoming meeting? Disc brake adjustment? Flat changing? Derailleur adjustment? Please feel free to respond with an opinion/suggestion. Watch for a Facebook Poll.

Per Lonnie, for those with e-assist, check your batteries. Batteries do not like cold, so if your garage/storage is quite cold, wrap them little puppies in a blanket or bring them inside and store in a warm closet.

We talked about several camping trips. Maybe again to Anderson Park or a trip south to Schwartz Park at Dorena Lake and the Row River Trail (near Cottage Grove).

Lonnie mentioned that Larry (a member of the 2000 (?) Coast Tour) contacted him again regarding another. Lonnie does not want to “RAMROD” this tour. Several people were interested in riding, HOWEVER (comma) no one has stepped up to the Leadership position. Edna was talking with Keith today. Keith is interested in riding, but wasn’t sure we needed a leader. Further discussion will follow.

Dave Van Gundy

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