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OHPV Links

Here is a variety of HPV links. If you don't find it here, it may be because 1) we missed it, 2) a web page isn't available, or 3) we felt it was not relevant within the context of OHPV. Please feel free to e-mail: info@ohpv.org

Note: We recently have dropped the "Manufacturers" section. Other sites cover this topic well and we were not really adding much value (especially since we weren't always up-to-date). We'd like to focus more on resources that are useful to our Portland-area audience.

Retailers/Parts/Services Portland Area Beyond


Bicycle Transportation Alliance — Promotes bicycling for safer streets, cleaner air, and energy independence (Portland, Oregon)
Center for Appropriate Transport — A nonprofit organization committed to community involvement in manufacturing, using, and advocating sustainable modes of transportation (Eugene, Oregon)
Human Powered Vehicle Association
International Human Powered Vehicle Association
National Bicycle Greenway
— "An interconnected two-wheel America for ourselves, our children and our world"
Oregon Bicycle Racing Association (OBRA) (Portland, Oregon)
BentPacNW — Seattle Area HPV Builders' Group (Seattle, WA)


Non-Portland-area retailers are listed because they supply HPVs or services not available locally and will ship products. We encourage you to “try before you buy” and to patronize your local dealers.

   Portland Area

Citybikes Workers' Cooperative (Portland, Oregon)
TerraCycle (Portland, Oregon)
Coventry Cycle Works (Portland, Oregon)

   Beyond Portland

Angletech (Woodland Park, Colorado)
Center for Appropriate Transport (Eugene, Oregon)
Loose Screws (Ashland, Oregon)
Zach Kaplan Cycles (Alameda, California)


Jeff and Michelle Corcoran share the ride and the love at their Tandem Ride website.
BentRider Online Largest U.S. recumbent forum
John Climaldi (OHPV member-at-large) shows all , tells all on his Bent Blog.
Bicycle HPV Recumbent Resources & Sources
Bike Reviews.com
— Includes recumbents in the Bike-alog Bike Finder database
Brown, Sheldon — Articles on bicycle maintenance, equipment, riding, history, and more by Sheldon Brown and others.
ERRC Magazine (An international Recumbent and Trike magazine - produced in the Portland, OR (email contact)
Future Bike CH — A peek at the European scene (Liestal, Switzerland)
Oregon Cycling Magazine — Contributors include members of the OHPV!
Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Research — Federal Highway Administration
Portland Bicycle Programs — City of Portland Office of Transportation (Portland, Oregon)
Recumbent Bicycle Fairing Construction — Article by Russell Dwarshuis
Recumbents.com is where the midwest HPV racers hang out.
Recumbent Trike Links — A survey of 3-wheelers from around the world, past and present
Unusual Human Powered Vehicles