Jack Frost time trial

It was a dark and stormy February day... so of course we go to a bike race!
For photos of all the competitors, see the Oregon Velo website.
The complete results are on the OBRA website.

Jeff Wills

IMAG0231 IMAG0232 IMAG0233 IMAG0234 IMAG0235
IMAG0231.jpg IMAG0232.jpg IMAG0233.jpg IMAG0234.jpg IMAG0235.jpg
IMAG0236 IMAG0237 IMAG0238 IMAG0239 IMAG0240
IMAG0236.jpg IMAG0237.jpg IMAG0238.jpg IMAG0239.jpg IMAG0240.jpg
IMAG0241 IMAG0242 IMAG0243 IMAG0244 IMAG0245
IMAG0241.jpg IMAG0242.jpg IMAG0243.jpg IMAG0244.jpg IMAG0245.jpg
IMAG0246 IMAG0247
IMAG0246.jpg IMAG0247.jpg