Terracycle/OHPV Coastdown Test 2005

Lonnie Morse

On a beautiful September day, a bunch of folks from the OHPV joined the Terracycle crew for some coastdown testing of tailsocks. The object wasn't to get comparisons between different bikes, just to see if a tailsock could add speed under controlled conditions. So, we gathered a bunch of bikes at the top of a big hill on Highway 224 east of Estacada and used the bikes' computers to measure their top speed when coasting. Then we carried the bikes to the top of the hill, added tailsocks, and repeated the process. In the end, the tailsocks added 2 to 4 mph of top speed.

There were 7 bikes that were run in directly comparable configurations (sock on/sock off, everything else the same). For the sock off runs, the speeds averaged to 39.67mph. With the socks on, the average was 42.00mph. For individual bikes, the improvements ranged from 1.23 to 3.83mph.

cstdn003 cstdn006 cstdn011 cstdn020 cstdn026
cstdn003.jpg cstdn006.jpg cstdn011.jpg cstdn020.jpg cstdn026.jpg
cstdn031 cstdn032 cstdn041 cstdn043 cstdn049
cstdn031.jpg cstdn032.jpg cstdn041.jpg cstdn043.jpg cstdn049.jpg
cstdn051 cstdn072 cstdn074 cstdn087 cstdn088
cstdn051.jpg cstdn072.jpg cstdn074.jpg cstdn087.jpg cstdn088.jpg
cstdn103 cstdn109 cstdn111 cstdn114 cstdn125
cstdn103.jpg cstdn109.jpg cstdn111.jpg cstdn114.jpg cstdn125.jpg
cstdn126 cstdn129 cstdn131
cstdn126.jpg cstdn129.jpg cstdn131.jpg