Invaders From California Appear In Portland,

Depart With All Awards.

Well, it's over, and my toupee still hasn't returned from orbit. 

2001 Results

Ben Salzberg took a bunch of photos and put together a gallery. Take a look:

Micheal Lampi has put together a couple galleries. See them at: and .

Here's a couple that Todd Marley sent me:

(As always, these pictures are links to larger images.)

The streamliners line up at the start of the road race. The Rotator boys showed up with three fully-enclosed vehicles... and cleaned up the entire weekend.

Rand Milam in his Easy Racer Gold Rush Replica. He's a large guy- he stretches the lycra of the body sock pretty severely.

Shane Harris and John Williams, warming up on their carbon fiber low racers. It's hard to tell, but Shane's bike is front wheel drive while John's is rear wheel drive. The low racer style bikes made a big showing this year, in both production and homebuilt versions.

Mike Wolfe and his Challenge low racer. Mike was Top Eliminator in the drag races, taking on all comers in this test of power and acceleration.

Lonnie "Captain Dink" Morse shows off his black body-socked Tour Easy. This isn't the normal Gold Rush Replica, it's got an extra framework under the tail section to fill out the space behind the rider. This also gives it a faintly Batmobile-ish appearance.